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 Royal Air Force Sylt Association




Were you stationed at RAF Sylt or RAF Schleswig during their operational lives?  If so, you could have friends from those days looking for you. Check this page out.....





 LAC Jock Lesley, Station Flight, 1949 - 1951    J/T Danny Ward. ASF. 1951 - 1954
 SAC Ken Lewis, Equipment, 1955 - 1957    Cpl/W Phyllis Ashbey ATC. 1952 - 1954
 Cpl Len Luck, Accounts, 1952- 1954    All living in Ontario.
 Bill Lumsden, TTS, 1953    J/T Brian Gleed Stn. Armoury 1956 - 1958
 SAC John Ball, TTS 1952    LAC Brian Port. Fire Section. 1956 - 1958
 LAC Ray Ballyn, TTS, 1953 - 1955     now living in Saskatchewan
 Sgt. Tom Bashill, TTS 1954-1956    
 Cpl. Alan Willets, SHQ 1952-1954    

Bob Howard, Signals (PBX), last heard of in Rochester, Kent, 1955.


Blondie, RAF Sylt 1957-1959 from Newcastle. Two old buddies would love to hear from you. Ken Lindsay and John Cunningham.


Mick Fairless, Airframes-ASF, 1951 to 1953.


Looking for old pals from your service on Sylt?

Send us your details and let us post them up here!

Here are some associated sites which could help you to find old service pals or other information.
Excellent site full of references to Sylt
Squadrons from Jever were regular visitors to Sylt.  The 'Jever Steam Laundry' website contains some interesting information and references to visits that they made over the years.
Although this is not a membership organisation the site does contain a great deal of interesting information, photos, recollections and other data relating to the history of the Jagel airfield at Schleswigland.  As an RAF unit it was a satelite station of RAF Sylt.
The NS(RAF)A was formed in 2000 by a few ex RAF National Servicemen who thought that the era when National Service was common to all was being forgotten - allied to that was the time factor which makes it necessary for this Association to be active now before it is too late for many of us...
This website was designed on behalf of Pat Honey following conversations with Bill Johnson and Ted Caton (both ex RAF National Servicemen) who, along with Pat, completed their "square-bashing" at the Royal air Force 11 School of Recruit Training, RAF Hednesford on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.
This site was created because when any mention was made of the RAF Airfield Construction Branch - even amongst ex RAF people - no one has a clue as to its existence or function. So, as there are many photographs it is an opportunity to visually show and explain the part that was played by the ACB in the post WW2 operations.

or you can contact the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA), Royal Air Force News and

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In addition, occasional messages are broadcast on Teletext, Channel 4, page 152