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 Royal Air Force Sylt Association




Any familiar faces or events here which stir the memory?

The Astra cinema sometime in the fifties.
Airmen's mess - Christmas 1953.
Aircraft Servicing Flight (ASF) going full blast with what looks like a Leggo kit.

A group from Sylt's satelite station, Schleswigland, enjoying themselves.

The ladies cricket team - circa 1952/53.
Armourers in the Munckmarsch - circa 1957.

Admin Wing outside SHQ in 1952.

Hunter in the sand dunes somewhere between Keitum and Munckmarsch.  Hydraulic failure was said to be the cause!!!

Personnel of Weapons Training Sqdn. (formerly Weapons Training Flt.) prior to station shut-down in 1961. The aircraft is a Hunter T7 and some of the bods are - Ian Limbrey, John Hudson, Flt. Lt. Stewart, 'Chunky' Plumbley, John Best, Brian Teague, Geordie Lynne, 'Bert' Murray, 'Paddy' Carrol, 'Jock' Wilson, Brian Sharples, Mick Stewart and Mick Lapelly.



The Association has provided a permanent memorial of the unit, and those who served there, in the form of a tree and plaque at the National Memorial and Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire.  To assist anyone visiting the Memorial site, the Sylt tree and plaque are in 'Area 17', tree number 242.  Just another ten trees further down (252) would have given us a number to recollect with a smile! 

   Tree and plaque at the National Memorial and Arboretum
   Our flag 
   The plaque presented in Westerland

A proud and historic occasion

The presentation of a memorial plaque took place in Westerland on the 30th of July 2008.
Grateful thanks are due to those who gave unstintingly of their time, effort and negotiating skills, ensuring that a fitting memorial is now in place on the island.