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 Royal Air Force Sylt Association



The Association was formed in 2002 to provide information and contact links for long lost friends, hold reunions at regular intervals and to advise on visits to Sylt.  It has established a historical library system of DVDs, photographs and script and is actively involved in the exchange of related material. 

Membership is open to Royal Air Force personnel, irrespective of rank, who served as permanent staff (including civilians) at Royal Air Force Sylt and its satelite station, RAF Schleswig, during their operational lives from 1945 to 1961.  The sons and daughters of such personnel, whether or not their parents were or are members of the Association, shall also be eligible for membership.  Personnel of 5352 Wing (Airfield Construction Branch) are also eligible.

The Association is entirely self supporting and relies on annual subscriptions to cover its running costs.  The subscription is currently £15.00 per annum.  Members receive three magazines a year, have access to the archives and regularly exchange photographic and other material relating to their time on the island.   To join, simply contact one of the Association officers who are listed below, use the 'Contact Us' page or download the membership application form by clicking HERE. Our magazine, 'Der Leuchtturm' (The Lighthouse) is produced three times a year for members and is available to anyone else who would like to receive a copy at the following rates - UK £15, Europe £20 and the rest of the world £25 per year.  Orders should be accompanied by personal cheque or International Money order in Sterling and made payable to RAF Sylt Association and posted to David Martin, 2 Cumbrian Croft, Halesowen, B63 1HG, UK.  You can download an order form by clicking HERE.  

Our patrons, those two marvellous comedians Denis Norden and Eric Sykes, very kindly gave an interview a couple of years ago to our Chairman, David Martin, who filmed the meeting.  To get a flavour of the resulting film, a short extract is shown below. To obtain a full copy of this wonderful DVD contact David.

There cannot be many who have not heard of the sad death of our revered patron, Eric Sykes.  Eric, together with Denis Norden and Bill Frazer, were among the first RAF personnel to set foot on Sylt sand in 1945.  He mentioned this fact in his autobiography, 'If I Don't Write It, Nobody Else Will' and our immediate past Chairman, Brian Saunders, picked up on this fact and asked if he would be our patron.  We were proud to include his image on this site and in every edition of our magazine.  He will be fondly remembered for his wry and gentle humour and for the legacy of an enormous archive of material he created during a long and illustrious career.  Thank you Eric, we'll miss you.

                                                                 Chairman                                                                  Secretary

                                                                 David Martin                                                              Post currently vacant

                                                                 2 Cumbrian Croft                                                      


                                                                 B63 1HG                                                                   

                                                                 Tel: 0121 5508899                                                    




                                                                  Treasurer                                                                  Reunion Organiser

                                                                  Margaret Martin                                                        Jeff Mellor

                                                                  2 Cumbrian Croft                                                      25 Park Square

                                                                  Halesowen                                                                Mossley Road

                                                                  B63 1HG                                                                   Ashton under Lyne

                                                                  Tel: 0121 5508899                                                    OL6 9RT

                                                                                                                                                    Tel: 0161 3445062





A copy of the newsletter detailing "The Return".
The story of a recent visit to our lovely island.
Presentation of the Syltonian flag
Kit inspection to come?
Kit inspection over!


One of the reasons the Association was formed in 2002 was to bring together all those personnel who were permanent staff on RAF Sylt during the station's operational life from 1945 to its closing in 1961, and at RAF Schleswig from 1945 to 1961. If you were one of those servicemen or women, why not get in touch.  Take a look at the other pages to see if there's anyone you recognise there!